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A Place for All. To Heal. To Be Loved.

Divine Love Healers harness the power of God's love within their souls to channel healing energies to your body, mind and spirit. Every community healing is a partnership between us and higher spirits who serve God and work with you for your highest good.

Divine Love healers use this time to nurture themselves and occasionally team up to heal guests. All community healing are offered free of charge and go on for 20-30min. Max 2 sign up per person.

Doors open 15 min before the event for open discussion. If you prefer to login at the top of the hour and take some time prior for quiet contemplation and prayer time, we encourage you to do that. At start time, the host will welcome everyone. We will then assign people into healing rooms. Each healing room can choose to allocate that time between themselves however they see fit. At the end of the meeting we all reconvene in the main room for some brief sharing and a closing prayer.

Date Received Healing Country
12/06/2021 Gale USA
22/06/2021 Debra Surrey, Canada
10/07/2021 Diana Vancouver, Canada
10/07/2021 Maureen Vancouver, Canada
20/07/2021 Leona Alberta, Canada
07/08/2021 Maureen Vancouver, Canada
17/08/2021 Angela Toronto, Canada
04/09/2021 Montse Vancouver, Canada
04/09/2021 Wilson B Phillipines
02/10/2021 Anika Nainamo, Canada
11/10/2021 Leona Alberta, Canada
12/10/2021 Angela Toronto, Canada
30/10/2021 Sharon L Vancouver, Canada
30/10/2021 Angela Toronto, Canada
27/11/2021 Angela Toronto, Canada
06/12/2021 Janet USA
05/02/2022 Arlene USA
17/02/2022 Karyl USA