Welcome! My name is Raphael Legros.

I am a spiritual healer. My Celestial Healing Method is God-infused, Spirit-Led and Love-Filled for your highest good.

During our time together, you are my highest priority. I work on holding the purest intention of Compassion and Light for your complete healing. I call upon my spirit team of beings of lights who are close to the Creator. I call upon the Creator’s Divine Love to infuse you with blessings of healing and whatever you are meant to receive and ready to let go at this time. Your only job is to surrender to the Creator’s Love Healing Power.

I have been trained over the last decade in many healing modalities including Usui Reiki, Jikiden Reiki, Gold Reiki, Kundalini Reiki and Ethereal Crystals. It took 2 years of sitting in a healing development circle in close collaboration with spirits to develop the Celestial Healing method I am now working with.

I spend every morning and every night in deep prayer and meditation, working to keep as clean a healing channel as I can. I am committed to provide you with a professional service by following the highest standards of hands-on healing practice.

A Celestial Healing is an uplifting experience where you may experience various healing energies, deep inner peace, gentle healing releases, encompassing love and occasional insights. In addition, you might feel heat, sometimes cold coming off my hands and tingling sensations running throughout your body. After the healing, we recommend to keep the body hydrated and, to eat healthy and rest plenty. Please stay in touch! Remote sessions available via Zoom. 

Email me at raphaellegros@gmail.com

For bookings text or phone: (+1) 778 986 4011


Raphael's Current Offerings


Raphael is currently offering one on one spiritual energy healing sessions. He does these both in person and virtually.

Current Offerings:

1 "Celestial Healing Session" via Zoom or In-Person: 50$ for 45 min