Testimonials: Meltem

“Meltem is a wonderful guide to this beautiful system! She’s insightful, compassionate, funny, and so very skilled and knowledgeable. I loved every moment of working with her and can’t imagine a better experience. Thank you Meltem!”

Rachel Scott – Yoga Teacher, Teacher Trainer, Educational Expert

“Meltem is an amazing human being and a very gifted Reiki Practitioner. I’ve had the privilege of having sessions with her while I was going through my chemotherapy and it was truly an incredible support in my recovery. Thank you Meltem for your immense support!”

Adriana DeFazio – Yoga Teacher, YYoga Studio Manager

“Continuing my Reiki training, I have found the source. Jikiden Reiki, wow. A million thanks to the beautiful Meltem Oner-Legros for being a mentor in this life. Anyone who is interested in a powerful energetic shift should see her.”

Tracy Caruthers – Reiki Practitioner

“My experience learning from Meltem was nothing short of MAGICAL. I felt so honoured to be learning the healing art of jikiden reiki, its history, and practice. Meltem provided a welcoming environment where her students were free and safe to practice, ask questions, and explore their gifts. I finished the weekend with a full cup of knowledge, love, healing, and inspiration. I would recommend this training to anyone looking to deepen their relationship to universal energy, themselves, and their community.”

Elisabeth Goullaud – Doula


“I have been seeing Meltem for Jikiden Reiki for the past several months. She has been wonderful in using Jikiden Reiki to create harmony and balance in my organs/glands and the gums in my mouth. They seem to function better. She has much knowledge and expertise as a Jikiden Reiki Practitioner. She is kind, caring and passionate in helping people achieve good health.”

Suzanne Lightheart – Health and Wellness Coach

"This was a fantastic experience. Meltem is caring, professional and a very passionte teacher. Her years of experience really shone through every moment.

Arigatou Gozaimashita Meltem!!"

Chad Weir


This training was truly divine. I am so grateful that my intuition led me here! Jikiden Reiki is the real deal and so is Meltem Oner.  I have already experienced healing with two of my thai massage clients and it has only been three days since I received my certificate! One of my clients is 9 months pregnant and she said, ‘My body hasn’t felt this good in months!’ Another client who has had lower back pain for many, many years said ‘I felt a huge release when you had your hands on my lower back.’ This training is exactly what I needed to complement the service I am already doing and, Meltem is a powerhouse! She held a safe container for us as we dived deep into the world of Jikiden Reiki while, making sure all her students were comfortable and our needs were met. I am so grateful and I’m already looking forward to learning more with Meltem!

Melissa Hawkins – Yoga Teacher, Trainer

Where do I begin, this queen of the spiritual energy and teachings of Jikiden Reiki made my personal learning experience one of the most memorable I’ve had to date….the amount of integration and transformation of my inner landscape is proof of the potency of this raw and authentic healing art. Meltem holds space with sincerity, integrity and free-spirited clarity. Her wit and passion for Reiki and specifically Jikiden Reiki is clear from the moment you enter her space and the way she takes care of you like a true momma. She makes the content accessible and interactive in order to give the students an embodied and lived experience while balancing with the background and philosophy of the art itself.  Thank you Meltem for the experience!!

Hiiro Zake Prince – Yoga Teacher, Trainer, Mentor

”I am extremely thankful to learn Jikiden Reiki from Meltem. After learning about the Jikiden style of Reiki, I am glad that I chose the traditional Japanese approach. Meltem’s teaching was clear and detailed as she is very passionate about her practice.  I really enjoyed the day classes. The vibration was great and I look forward to learning more Reiki from Meltem. I highly recommend it.”

Graham Chan – Fitness and Nutrition Coach

“I just finished my level one Reiki course with Meltem. She has the patience of a Saint and and made the class very comfortable! I’m looking forward to doing the level two training with her in October. I recommend her highly. You will not be disappointed. Her connection with Spirit is very strong. She is a fantastic person.”

Nancy Keatley – Intuitive Healer

“Having been in the healing profession all my life from being a student, practitioner and teacher of eight other modalities, I have found this class the most enlightening and powerful to date.

The growth I’ve personally encounter in a short time has been profound. I look forward and am excited in learning the next level in Jikiden Reiki in the very near future as well as becoming a teacher.

I highly recommend Meltem as a teacher and mentor for those interested in taking this amazing journey.”

Joan Carleton-Crocket


“I placed my faith in her hands to bring me to the world of Reiki, and I knew I made the right choice when I went to the training she held. It was transforming, yet grounding. I was able to learn and practice without feeling judged, and thanks to Meltem, her encouragement to all her trainees were and still are very genuine, which allow me to want to learn even more! I am very grateful for the experience and space she shared, and I look forward to learn more with and/or through her, and hopefully one day I get to share this with the world. Her thoroughness to the detail of the course material provided more confident in us to continue on with the energy healing.”

Wan Chung – Yoga Teacher, TCM Student

Meltem Oner is not only a gifted intuitive yoga teacher, but also a master Jikiden Reiki practitioner and instructor. She transformed my life in just two short days! I’m thrilled to be a part of this incredible new community of light workers. I highly recommend Meltem Oner for those new or seasoned in the healing art of Reiki!

Stella padagiotidis  Dress for Success Ambassador


“My goal was to learn Jikiden Reiki in order to support my family’s wellness. Throughout my life experience, I have witnessed the limits of the conventional scientific approaches to treat physical and psychological diseases. This coursework and the hand-on practices have given me a very clear understanding about Jikiden Reiki and how powerful it is. Meltem has been great instructor, I have enjoyed her class and her hospitality. She was very insightful about the coursework as well as any question we have asked to her. Meltem is very passionate about her teachings. I have found her excitement very inspiring. I look forward to learn Okuden soon!!”

Samantha Glen, Student

It was my honor to learn from Meltem. I was very much impressed by her knowledge  and professionalism and  the way she explained  each and every step.

Meltem is the best teacher for Reiki and she has lots of patience. She answered all my queries with professionalism  and grace.

I am looking forward  for learning the second level in  near future.”

Manjeet Singh 

“I had the pleasure of taking my first Jikiden Reiki course with Meltem. She is an exceptional teacher and mentor who has such a loving heart and makes all feel welcome.  She is extremely knowledgeable and was able to answer all my questions and really simplify and make the material easy to understand.  The class atmosphere was relaxed and fun and great energy!

Meltem’s passion for reiki shines through her teaching and she has inspired me to follow the path of teacher one day.  I highly recommend her as a teacher to anyone wanting to discover Jikiden reiki.”

Raquel Saboe – Essential Oils Expert

“Meltem’s course was amazing. Her knowledge and passion for Jikiden Reiki was excellent and she made everyone feel welcome and comfortable. By the end of the course I could Feel the Energy pulsing in my hands as we practiced Reiki. One of the ladies in the course suffered from chronic pain. We all practiced Reiki on her and she said felt no pain for a week after; it was the best she’s felt in two years.”

Jason Reekie

“Jikiden Reiki is a powerful energy healing technique that I am so grateful to be learning. Meltem is an incredible teacher, as she is passionate and helpful in her approach to teaching Reiki. I felt engaged in the information throughout the course, and felt that Meltem was very approachable, kind and open to sharing her knowledge. I have taken another course with Meltem previously, so I can truly recommend her course as I have come back to learn from her again, and I look forward to learning level two soon!”

Carrine Gelmon

“Meltem took the time to explain everything and the pace was perfect for everyone to understand and take notes.

My favourite parts were the group practice  from the first day and the reju. The energy of the reju was blissful and got me so much deeper in my meditations even after just the first day… I felt a lot of healing during the week in between sessions.

Meltem is a great teacher, with lots of integrity and she knows when to add lightness and joy to the class.”

Raphael Legros  Visual Effects Artist

I have been in the wellness industry two decades, and this is the best healing modality and course I’ve ever taken. It was a perfect blend of relaxed atmosphere, interactive lecture, and hands-on healing practice. Jikiden is the most powerful energy healing I have experienced and learned ~ and is an absolute MUST if you are wanting to heal yourself and others. Meltem is an incredibly approachable, non-judgemental and insightful instructor ~ her class was fun, enriching and packed with practical information.  I cannot recommend Meltem’s course highly enough ~ and I cannot wait to learn level two in the near future!”

Beverly Hatch – Pemf Expert, Massage Therapist

“I just recently completed my first level (Shoden) with Meltem Oner. I am so grateful that I found such a warm and loving teacher to learn these practices from. Her excitement and enthusiasm about these healing practices are contagious, and this shows through in her teaching. She is open, non-judgemental, supportive and helps her students to understand and experience this amazing healing modality!

Thanks!  Looking so forward to learning level two!”

Annette Lucy – Cranial Sacral Therapist

“Meltem is a very knowledgeable, enthusiastic and passionate instructor and puts a lot of effort, thought and preparation into her course.  I appreciated that she would answer everyones questions throughly and she would match the pace to the class.  Meltem’s style led to a fun and enjoyable atmosphere and this is the best learning environment. I found it helpful to have the two classes a week apart as it allows the material to sink in after the first class. Thank you Meltem for your excellent instruction!

Thank you Meltem!”

Linda Bily – Environmental Engineer

“I had a wonderful experience learning Jikiden Reiki from Meltem Oner.

I was very impressed with Meltem’s strong commitment to the historical lineage of Jikiden Reiki. She is passionate about the efficacy of this body of work.

The format of the course was very thorough and allowed plenty of time for practice and questions and answers.

Meltem created a warm and inviting learning environment.

I look forward to continuing on and learning more!”

Dana Saunders – Life Coach

“Meltem is a gifted teacher. She has such great energy. She was very clear and precise with her instructions. She explained things in ways that would help us remember it easier. It is definitely one of the most fun trainings I have attended. Lots of love and light around. There was so much laughter and joy. Thank you Meltem for teaching me and my best friend this incredible healing art.”

Anh Ly – Bikram Yoga Instructor, Akashic reader, Angel Attunement

“Meltem did such a stellar job with this training.  She taught with such compassion and patience for all us.  She welcomed questions which greatly improved my learning. There was a nice mix of theory and hands on.  And lots of time to build nice relationships with the others.  And in that process we all had a lot of fun while learning.  I highly recommend taking this training with Meltem.  I immediately put the practice into place as I helped my daughter heal from her flu. And her recovery is faster than the doctor thought possible.  We love it at home! I’m so thankful for Meltem and her training so we can all learn.”

Caroline Klemens – Dietitian

“I had learned Gold Reiki previously and really the difference between both and the way the teacher explained them was incredibly eye opening. Meltem was very welcoming and would take time to answer all of our questions and continues to support us even after class ended. I feel blessed to have learned the difference between original and western Reiki and about learning of the many ways it can impact my and my loved one’s lives. I would highly recommend this practice and teacher to anyone who is curious about Reiki and wants to learn more about the many ways it can impact your life.”

Mara Schaffler

“I have been to a few of Meltem’s workshop and found her teaching skills very informative. However this workshop Jikiden Reiki that Meltem taught was very different, she was full of life, had a sparkle in her eye that showed she had so much compassion teaching this workshop. I’m truly blessed and grateful that l took Meltem’s class in Jikiden Reiki. I found this workshop very powerful because l had an emotional release. Thank you Meltem for this gift!!

Tana Clarkson

“Previously I had taken Usui Reiki and was not impressed; the Jikiden Reiki course with Meltem was the real deal. She is a great teacher and mentor who is dedicated and passionate about what she teaches. She is very knowledgeable and also followed up with her teacher to clarify some questions that we had. The class atmosphere was welcoming, fun and good energy. Meltem’s passion for Reiki comes thru. I highly recommend her as a teacher for people who want to learn Jikiden Reiki.”

Cameron Roy – Writer, Computer Scientist

Yay to Owen Frick and I for completing our Level I Jikiden Reiki Training!! Thanks to the wonderful Meltem Oner for the amazing experience, couldn’t imagine a better teacher!! Thank you 

Shannon Falls – Yoga Teacher & Owen Frick – Tattoo Artist


“During the Jikiden Reiki class, my heart and my mind opened up with this beautiful healing method and I am really thankful to learn this pure method of Oroginal Reiki from Meltem. I could not have asked for a better experience”

Leila Anvari – Computer Scientist


I contacted Meltem to learn about Reiki. It was my first time attending a Reiki class. The class started by giving us the history of Reiki, Reju and hands on experience. I found Meltem very knowledge and experienced. Her knowledge on subject is very good and the mode of delivery impressed me. I’ll be back for more. I recommend Meltem for anyone seeking knowledge on Reiki. Thank you again Meltem. 

Krishan Khurana


I am so beyond grateful to Meltem and her dedication and passion for sharing Jikiden Reiki with the world, and with me. I almost didn’t end up taking the training but so glad I listened to the pull to do so. 
Meltem has such a compassionate and warm heart. Her care and hospitality were very present during the training. Her knowledge and experiences were well expressed and shared with us. She definitely has the gift of teaching. I highly recommend this Jikiden Reiki training with Meltem to anyone seeking a powerful yet gentle healing modality that will be transformational on so many levels. 
I’m so thankful I am able to use this healing method on myself and now on others. It will help with my own healing as well as in my business serving pre/post natal women and their families. I look forward to the next level (Okuden) training with Meltem in November. 

May you be happy + well. 
Arigato, Namasté and Love,

Drina Yoshihara  Doula and Yoga Teacher


It was such a great honor to have been in  two day beginner Jikiden Reiki   class  in September 2019 in learning the  interesting history and  first techniques for  Jikiden Reiki  with Meltem Oner as the teacher / instructor .  I have found  Meltem to be extremely knowledgeable of the history and techniques applied with a full understanding in the  guidance with the class. She was very understanding and  giving in allowing the class to make notes in our work books and for us all to ask many questions that were important for us to understand.  As a student I see how devoted she is to all the health and welfare concerns we all have within ourselves.  Meltem  was very caring of each of her students and soft in her ways that are truly  from her heart along with true wisdom and  professionalism at all times.  I would strongly recommend to anyone who suffers with pain and sickness  or who is in good health to learn Jikiden Reiki  from  her as she  the best in her chosen field ….. of..Jikiden Reiki.  I want to say a special  thank you and a  tribute of honor Meltem Oner for teaching me how to start to take care of me the natural way………

Linda Anderson   Entrepreneur


Deena Yoshihara

“I am beyond grateful that I was recommended to contact Meltem to learn about Jikiden Reiki and its original form. Meltem has been a wonderful teacher and guide through this eye opening experience. Her humble and nurturing personality made this training fun, relaxed and easy to follow as she explained everything in a clear and concise way. Her home was welcoming and provided a comfortable atmosphere for hands-on practicing and with the teaching material presented. Meltem’s passion in natural healing is inspiring and she is a truly gifted soul in all that she does. I would recommend anyone wanting to learn Reiki to contact Meltem as this experience will greatly benefit you and your loved ones. “


Marla Pickering – RMT

I found Meltem in her training of Shoden reiki, to be very informative in the history of Jikiden Reiki.  She was very passionate amount the history and Japanese culture and how it is important to keep the training in the old school way in which reiki is taught.  I found her to be a very patient and excellent teacher in my training of Shoden and would recommend her to others.  It was a very clear energy and wonderful experience.



Jen Hansen – Environmental Engineer

Meltem was a wonderful teacher and spiritual guide, she was knowledgeable, kind, and loving. I absolutely loved the course, I had been thinking of giving Reiki to friends and family, to help heal and improve general health and found this course was a great way to do just that. I have noticed after the course my own health has improved, I don’t have an much nervous energy and am able to reach deeper levels of meditation. I would recommend this Reiki course to anyone who is looking to expand your horizons with energy healing and your own energy flows.

thank you Meltem!

Dennis Kalack  Teacher

It was a very cool and mind opening experience to receive Jikiden training from Meltem. The 3 reijus were very powerful and created quite a shift in my being. This training has opened up a new presence and beginning of energy within myself and us all. I definitely recommend it.



I am so grateful I did Reiki Shoden with Meltem. I feel like I gained a missing piece to the puzzle. Prior to meeting Meltem, I had completed Reiki 1 in the western Usui tradition. However, it didn’t feel strong. For that very reason, I have always regarded Reiki as a beginners level into healing as it didn’t do much for me. Meeting Meltem and learning about Jikiden Reiki, I realised that there were things missing in my training and so I decided to learn with her. I am so happy I did! Meltem is an exceptional teacher. The course was very thorough. It gave me a strong foundation. I loved learning about the history and also discovering that Reiki is more than something spiritual – it’s a physical healing system. I feel like my training is complete and I have walked away very satisfied and confident to practice Reiki on myself and on others. Thank you Meltem!
Val xo